Agricultural waste, or farm waste includes a wide range of materials generated through farming activities. All farmers have a legal duty under the Waste Transfer Regulation to send their plastic waste off the farm either for recycling or to a landfill site. Our sister company Countrystyle Recycling can help you with your agricultural waste recycling.

Being part of the Heathcote Holdings group of companies means we are able to utilise the services of sister company Countrystyle Recycling. Countrystyle is a leading total waste management solutions provider. Their ethos is to Reuse, Recycle and Recover, keeping all waste out of landfill. Their responsive approach enables them to work with customers to manage resources. They deliver sustainable waste solutions, so whatever your farm waste needs, they will be able to process it and support your sustainability credentials.

Countrystyle Recycling can provide the following solutions for agricultural waste or farm waste:

  • Collection of silage wrapping and general waste
  • Recycling of polytunnel, string, fertiliser bags and triple rinsed chemical containers (collected or delivered to our site)
  • Providing specialist containers/wheelie bins for asbestos, manure, green, wood and plastic waste
  • Landfill avoidance by recycling waste into a valuable resource

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