Alternative Livestock Bedding

Through our recycling of materials from various clients, FGS Agri have developed Dairybed, an alternative product from recycled paper which is suitable for use within the Livestock Bedding market.

Through our trial work and feedback from existing customers we have discovered many benefits from the use of this material.

The benefits of our dairybed include:

•  Continuously available
•  High lime value helps to reduce cell counts
•  Suitable for most livestock systems
•  All paperwork completed for you
•  Reduced wear/maintenance on equipment
•  Reduce bedding storage requirements
•  Reduce vermin
•  Even cash flow for your business

The material is continuously available from our production sites and is a cheap alternative to conventional materials such as straw, sawdust and sand.

The use of this product will help to reduce storage requirements as they can be delivered with the minimal amount of notice and this will help to maintain cash flow across the year for your business.

The benefits of Dairybed include a liming benefit which helps to reduce cell counts in dairies and improve hoof health.  The lime property of the material does not cause any burns to the animals either.

Dairybed has been used with good results in both deep litter and cubicle systems and works well within slurry or solid manure systems.

Please contact us to discuss the products that we have available to help increase the profitability of your business by increasing animal comfort, health and productivity and reducing bedding costs.