Basic Payment Scheme

Basic Payment Scheme and Compliance Advice

FGS Agri provide advice to businesses to assist them in completing the Basic Payment Scheme Application forms and ensure that the business is meeting its Cross Compliance requirements. The scheme is an important source of income for farming businesses and it is essential that the payment is received without any penalties.

Annual Claims

FGS Agri can complete the annual claim each year, taking all the stress and worry away from you, making the submission on your behalf.

Cross Compliance

The rules and regulations accompanying the Single Payment Scheme are complex and updated regularly. FGS Agri can ensure that you are compliant with all aspects of cross compliance and keep that paperwork up to date.

Waste Regulations

FGS Agri are highly experienced in waste management and can assist by providing advice, direct businesses to specialist contractors or develop a waste strategy for the business.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ’s)

NVZ regulations are part of cross compliance requirements and accurate records must be kept to comply with legislation. FGS Agri can advise on the regulations including storage, spreading of organic manures and maintaining the records.

Upcoming Legislation

The FGS Agri team provide advice on new legislation and the impact of future legislation on businesses. We can assist in compliance and putting the right systems in place for the business.