Boundary Maintenance

The Civil Engineering division of FGS Agri Ltd has been combined with IG Pilcher and transferred to a new joint venture, FGS Pilcher Ltd. The reason for this change is to combine the skills and experience of both IG Pilcher Ltd and FGS Agri Ltd into one operation and provide a robust foundation for future works. Visit for full details of the services provided by this new company.


Our team at FGS Agri are available to undertake any boundary maintenance including de-silting, ditch clearance, hedge cutting and tree clearance.

We operate a fleet of McConnel PA6500T and Spearhead hedge cutters which are often referred to as side arm flail machines. These are used for either cutting hedges or for cutting grass on verges using a flail head which leaves a neat and tidy cut and mulches the residual cuttings back into the hedge or sward. These machines have the flexibility of being able to exchange the cutting head for a 1.2m rotary blade or saw blade which can be used for cutting much larger hedge growth or for trimming back trees. Our McConnel machines are equipped with telescopic arms which allow for cutting up to 6.5m which is ideal for trimming up windbreaks around orchards for example.

For low ground pressure, high rise, controlled tree pruning we have a tree saw attachment which is mounted on a 13 tonne excavator. This is especially suited to field margin clearance and river bank work.