Environmental Stewardship

Environmental management is becoming an increasingly important aspect of managing your business and the monies available are an important source of income for the business. Getting the application right and managing the agreement is important and FGS Agri have experienced staff available to help you.

Entry Level Stewardship

FGS Agri will assist with planning and applying for the scheme. The scheme pays out £30 per hectare and requires a basic level of stewardship and management for five years, with the money being paid out every six months.

The majority of landowners will be able to apply and meet the scheme requirements with very little alteration to the farming system, however each business should consider the available options carefully and their potential impact on their farming business now and in the future.

Organic Entry Level Stewardship

The organic entry level scheme has similar requirements to the entry level scheme but pays out £60 per hectare and requires membership of an Organic body

Higher Level Stewardship

The higher level stewardship scheme is more complex than the entry level scheme and requires careful planning. The scheme is discretionary and lasts ten years. It has wide ranging options aimed at key environmental targets including management and capital options. Application and management of the scheme requires specialist management advice and support and FGS Agri can assist in the completion of the application and management of the land once accepted.

Catchment Sensitive Farming Grants

Catchment Sensitive Farming Grants are available again this year if the holding is in a priority area. These grants can be used to fund up to 50% of projects which are predominantly designed to minimise the risk of pollution.