Farm Agreements

FGS Agri is focused on profitable farming; we provide a range of services to allow landowners, tenants and farms to retain ownership of their farm while enjoying an income. FGS Agri offers a range of management agreements that can be tailored to suit the individual from whole farm agreements to outsourcing individual operations.

Farm Management

FGS Agri can provide management, farm managers and staff or equipment to operate the farm according to an agreed plan. We offer fixed fee operations or payment on a profit share basis. This service can operate in conjunction with our Farm & Estate Management Service.

Contract & Share Farming

FGS Agri operate an efficient and highly productive fleet of machinery and can utilise this within a share or term contract agreement. FGS Agri can provide additional support and administration of the agreement.

Share Farming

FGS Agri supplies the labour, machinery, management and a share of the variable costs and the landowner supplies the land, buildings, fixed equipment and a share of the variable costs. Both parties would have share in any livestock in the agreement. The businesses remain separate and have their own VAT, accounting and tax assessments. FGS Agri would not be a tenant on the holding.

FGS Agri would be responsible for the day to day running of the farm attending regular management meetings. FGS Agri would administer the agreement on behalf of the landowner.

Contract Farming

FGS Agri will supply the labour, fuel, machinery and carry out the operations on the farm. The landowner provides the seed, fertiliser, sprays, some specific overheads and operates the business bank account. Both parties receive a first charge for their contributions. Any surplus remaining is divided between the parties at an agreed rate. FGS Agri will be responsible for the day to day running of the farm and attend regular management meetings. At the start of the agreement budgets and financial targets will be set and FGS Agri will take responsibility for achieving these.

Profit Share

FGS Agri will operate arrangements on a contract basis for a fixed price or as part of a profit share, where both parties receive a reward for the efficient and profitable operation of the business.

Farm Business Tenancies

FGS Agri are farmers in addition to undertaking management agreements. Under a FBT, FGS Agri will provide all management equipment and working capital and in return pay a rent to the landowner.

In light of current price volatility in the market place, FGS Agri are happy to be a part of flexible agreements which suit both parties needs and where both can gain the rewards of higher market prices.

Joint Venture and Collaboration Agreements

FGS Agri will undertake farming operations on a joint venture basis where combining resources such as labour and machinery can lower costs and increase business profitability for both parties.

Operation Outsourcing

FGS Agri can provide tailored specific services such as heavy cultivation, drilling or combining. Instead of your business investing in machinery that will not be used efficiently, FGS Agri can provide the service using its large and efficient fleet of machinery.