Lagoon & Pond Clearance

FGS Agri specialise in a large range of lagoon and pond clearance works. From site evaluation, risk assessments, method statements to pumping and clearance.

If the settlement material is in a solid state then the clearance is carried out with our own fleet of 360 excavators (standard and long reach) to remove silt and other material from the site as required.

This material is then loaded on to appropriate vehicles and transported to a registered recycling site where it is responsibly recycled to either agricultural land or to restoration.

If the material in the lagoon is a semi solid state then we are able to utilise our own in-house stirrers to homogenise the residual slurry before pumping it to the destination. The slurry can then be removed by using umbilical systems to pump slurry or dirty water. We can apply these products evenly to fields using either shallow injection systems or top spreading, using tankers where the material is required to be transported down the public highway.

Depending on the consistency of the silt or slurry to be removed, pond and lake clearances can be undertaken in a liquid format or removed as a semi-solid using trailed spreaders.

All of these products are recycled to agricultural land to provide a benefit to agriculture, or Ecological Improvement and are regulated by the Environment Agency under the Standard Rules Permits 2010.

These exemptions are completed by one of our FACTS qualified team providing the benefit to agriculture and all of the relevant paperwork including soil sampling, material testing Site Risk Assessments and Nitrate Loadings. We are able then to re-line the lagoon if required.