Orchard Compost Spreading

Compost is increasingly being used in orchards and vineyards as it is proving to be a viable economic option with a range of potential benefits. The application of compost improves soil health and vine performance, increasing soil organic matter, improving water infiltration and increasing the levels of soil microbiology. It also acts as a mulch, insulating the soil to help the vine or tree establish better. In addition compost improves soil fertility by providing nutrients which are slowly released over time.

We are able to provide a full service for this application from the testing and advisory stage through to supply, delivery and application. The application of the product under the trees is carried out using bespoke spreading equipment which applies compost exactly where it is required. FGS Agri have several different specifications of spreaders available for application of the compost suiting all customers’ specifications.

FGS Agri have conducted trial work with organisations such as REMADE and WRAP assisting with the supply, delivery and application of PAS100 QP compost to established and newly planted orchards.  Trials results indicated an approximate 30% increase in the number of fruit per tree without having any detrimental effect in the fruit quality or size.