Reservoir, Pond & Lake Construction

The Civil Engineering division of FGS Agri Ltd has been combined with IG Pilcher and transferred to a new joint venture, FGS Pilcher Ltd. The reason for this change is to combine the skills and experience of both IG Pilcher Ltd and FGS Agri Ltd into one operation and provide a robust foundation for future works. Visit for full details of the services provided by this new company.

FGS Agri undertakes the planning and construction of new reservoirs, lakes and ponds as well as maintenance programmes for existing still waters. Our lakes and landscaping division specialise in feasibility studies, planning, design, grant applications, construction and maintenance, with projects ranging from great crested newt ponds to water catchment reservoirs.

Our services include:

•  Sampling and analysis of soils for suitability
•  Installation of clay or synthetic liners
•  Environmental impact assessments
•  Water availability surveys
•  Local authority planning requirements