Farm & Estate Management

FGS Agri’s Farm & Estate Management Division farms, manages and advises on farms and estates throughout the South of England.

We work with landowners, tenants, farmers and developers providing a wide range of services to ensure the very best financial results for your business. Our services are carefully tailored to meet your own specific needs.

FGS Agri’s farming division covers some 1900 hectares from our base at Stanford Bridge Farm, Pluckley. The home farm consists of arable and beef production. In addition we farm land under various contractual agreements with bases in Kent and Sussex.

We work with our landlords to ensure that full advantage is taken of ELS and HLS environmental schemes to enhance the landscape and environment as well as maximising returns from the individual holdings.

The arable unit covers 1500 hectares with soils varying from Weald Clay to Tunbridge Wells Sand. Our rotation consists of two Winter Wheat crops followed by a break crop of Winter Oilseed Rape with smaller areas of Winter Linseed, Winter Beans, Spring Linseed and Spring Barley. Our cropping plan can be tailored to suit local markets and clients requirements.

Our livestock enterprise is based on a single suckler herd of 240 cows and followers. Predominately based on Sussex or Sussex cross cows we use a Limousin Bull to produce the confirmation that the local markets are looking for.

We have about 200 hectares of grassland which varies from zero input grassland under ELS / HLS schemes through low input leys in ELS Schemes to higher input leys which are reserved for silage and latter in the season hay / haylage.

Early spring calving takes place at Stanford Bridge Farm where most of our animals are housed during the winter period. Our yearlings are finished at grass and also housed at Stanford Bridge.

During the summer all our stock are kept locally on grass with the young stock being fed a creep ration as required. Our stocking rates are low at about 1 livestock unit to one acre/one acre and a half to fit in with our various environmental schemes.

FGS Agri has a long, successful track record in working closely with farmers, providing support and assistance with their farming businesses. We operate both farming and management agreements utilising either our own staff or yours to maximise profit.

If you would like to know how the service could help you please call us on 01233 820055.