Thames Water Contract

FGS Agri have been working with Thames Water for 23 years providing a biosolids spreading service. The Company was selected through competitive competition processes to undertake biosolids spreading across the Southern Regions of the Thames Water operating territory.

FGS Agri have made significant investment in machinery to serve the Thames Water contracts, operating a fleet of four and five wheeled self-propelled spreaders to apply the biosolids to the land. The machines are fitted with low ground pressure tyres to reduce ground compaction. All spreaders are fitted with the latest guidance technology ensuring accurate application is carried out. The spreaders are equipped with 18 to 20-tonne manure spreading bodies that spread up to a width of 24m.

Under this service contract, Thames Water undertake the land finding and sales to local farmers whilst transport and stockpiling services are provided through third parties.

Our services provided under this Contract are;


We have a fleet of 360 Excavators that are used to load the biosolids. The excavators ensure that field damage/compaction is kept to a minimum. The machines are fitted with sludge buckets enabling efficient loading of the material as well as leaving a tidy stockpile area once finished.


We have a fleet of four and five wheeled machines to undertake the spreading operations. The LGP tyres and the guidance technology enable us to achieve minimal compaction and overlap as well as accurate application to ensure the stringent regulations are adhered to.