We offer a range of arable cultivations depending on your requirements.

We can undertake the following services:


Subsoiling can be conducted on specific areas or whole fields to remove compaction caused by trafficking which will improve drainage, soil structure and will help to aerate the soil to improve crop growth. For this operation we have a selection of subsoilers available from five leg machines through to a 9 leg machine to enable us to cover large areas of ground quickly and efficiently. All of our machines are fitted with following rollers to compact the soil evenly behind the machine to minimize moisture loss and to provide a level finish.


FGS Agri can offer ploughing as a primary cultivation service using Dowdeswell, Kverneland and Vogel & Noot ploughs available with widths from 4 – 6 furrows, conventional.

Primary Cultivation

Our aim on the FGS arable unit is to reduce cultivation passes where possible but we still use and offer primary cultivations as a part of our arable service. Our main primary cultivation unit is a 5m Simba SL but we also have disc and press units, carrier and other 6 metre tined cultivators. We also have a Vaderstad Carrier for minimal tillage work.

Claas Xerion & Sumo Trio cultivating
John Deere with Vaderstad Carrier cultivator

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