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During the months of November through to March, FGS provide a cost effective winter gritting service for commercial, industrial and private premises across the South East, tailored to meet the individual requirements of each site. As the adverse weather and hazardous conditions approach, our team is on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a range of bespoke vehicles in order to keep our clients’ sites safe. We offer more than just a gritting service. We monitor national weather conditions, notifying clients of potential risks in their area so that we can grit their site before their staff or customers arrive. We are able to apply grit to parking areas, access roads, footpaths and smoking areas. In addition to grit salt we can supply and apply “safe grip” Glycol de-icer product if required.

We provide a unique gritting service especially for:

  • Office car parks and communal areas
  • Industrial, retail and trading parks
  • Public areas including schools
  • Lorry and car parks
  • Private property, driveways and roads

When it snows we also have a fleet of snow ploughs available day and night to maintain safe access and egress, should they be required.

The HSE advises that “Gritting should be carried out when frost, ice or snow is forecast or when walkways are likely to be damp or wet and the floor temperatures are at, or below, freezing. The best times are early in evening before the frost settles and/or early in the morning before employees arrive. Salt doesn’t work instantly; it needs sufficient time to dissolve into the moisture on the floor”. Salt gritting and snow clearing can assist you in meeting your legal requirements.

For a free consultation or advice please contact us now on 0808 178 7655, alternatively you can email us at We have large stocks of salt and in addition to our gritting service we can provide and fill Grit containers.

Delivery available across the South East. Call for details. For further details visit the FGS gritting website

Case Studies

Local Port:
Clients Requirements:
During winter, when temperatures drop, our client requires a gritting service to ensure safe vehicle access and movement around the whole of their Port site to ensure a safe 24/7 operation. Our gritting services encompass the whole Port including the main passenger terminal, cargo terminal, cruise terminal, access roads, holding lanes and piers. A snow clearance service is also required in the event of snowfall at the Port.

Services provided to address the clients needs:
Our gritter remains at the Port throughout the winter period. We monitor daily temperatures and weather conditions and contact the Port when temperatures drop below zero. When gritting is required, we attend the site at a time agreed with the Port, ensuring we have the  salt applied as close to the time of any ice formation. During periods of snowfall, we monitor the conditions at the Port ensuring  we attend to clear snow using tractors with snow ploughs as required.


Eurotunnel UK Terminal:
Client Requirements:
Our client requires safe access for vehicles within the Eurotunnel UK Terminal during cold periods. The client also requires snow clearance of all platforms to ensure vehicles can safely board the trains during periods of snowfall.

Services provided to address the clients needs:
When the forecast dictates freezing conditions, our team attend the site and apply non-corrosive de-icing solution to access points across the site. Whilst snow ploughing, our tractors also apply a de-icing spray to the platforms to aid the melting of snow and ensure the safe movements of vehicles onto the trains.


Designer Outlet Shopping Centre:
Client Requirements:
Our client requires a gritting service to maintain safe access for visitor and delivery vehicles when temperatures drop below zero. Access to the car parks is only possible when the shopping centre is closed. Snow clearance is also required in the event of snowfall to ensure safe access to the shopping centre. 

Services provided to address the clients needs:
We monitor weather conditions across Kent and the South-East on a daily basis, notifying the client of potential risks in their area and confirming whether our services were required so that we can grit their site or clear away any snow before their staff and customers arrive.. In the event of snowfall, we provide a snow clearance service using tractors fitted with snow ploughs. This snow clearance is followed by gritting to aid the melting of any snow or ice that the snow plough cannot reach.

Claas tractor snow ploughing
Rear view of our trailed gritter

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