FGS Agri can assist land owners with regenerative land management practices incorporating long term grass mixes, wildflower leys, wild bird mixes and cover crops, ensuring a precise finish using state of the art agricultural machinery.

Working with sister company Habitat Regeneration we can offer a variety of solutions for soil health improvement, soil organic matter rebuilding and soil biodiversity improvement.

Regenerative agriculture aims to build crop resilience, improve soil health and close the carbon cycle. Through sister companies FGS Organics and Envar Composting we can supply and spread a range of organic fertilisers which provide sustainable solutions to enhance soil health and productivity. Organic fertilisers such as digestate, paper sludge and compost soil improver provide many benefits including, enhancement of soil biology, improvement in water retention, aiding of carbon sequestration and slow release of nutrients.

As a group of businesses Heathcote Holdings are able to provide a closed loop solution to the supply organic fertilisers – recycling garden and food waste to create a quality soil improver and digestate which can be applied to soil to enhance soil health.

Benefits of regenerative agriculture practices:

  • Improve water quality
  • Enhance habitats
  • Increase soil health
  • Sequester carbon out of the atmosphere
  • Promote pollinators

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