Dust Suppression & Water Solutions

Kent based vacuum tanker hire for soakaway testing and other water solutions. Dust suppression / control services are available through the utilisation and adaptation of our fleet of vacuum tankers and water bowsers. These are available for static, self-drive and operated hire throughout Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Essex & Hampshire.

We have 5,000 litre and 13,000 litre vacuum tankers for hire (either with or without CPCS qualified drivers). They have a PTO driven pump for powered discharge and a PTO driven vacuum pump for suction loading. Supplied with your required length of vacuum hose and can be supplied with a splash plate for dust suppression.

On the smaller scale we have 1,000 litre water bowsers available with engine driven water pumps which will spray the water out over the desired area, dampening the ground and controlling the dust movement. These bowsers can be towed with a 4×4 type vehicle or dumper and will require filling from a hosepipe. Moving up the fleet, we have larger 9,000 to 14,000 litre water bowsers which can be used to move water on site or for dust control. These bowsers are predominantly towed by an agricultural tractor and will require a specific power connection from the tractor for operation of the pumping equipment. Tractors are available to hire in conjunction with the bowser, either on a self-drive or operated basis using CPCS qualified operatives for construction site work.

FGS Agri can also provide bulk deliveries of water to your site along with water storage vessels if required. We can provide static tanks and pressure on demand pump sets for temporary mains supply. Suitable for festivals and building sites etc.