FGS Agri undertake site clearance work to enable land owners, developers and contractors to access sites and undertake their required work as well as clearing sites of vegetation and maintaining boundary’s ourselves.

We have a variety of equipment available to undertake site vegetation clearance including excavator mounted mulchers, tree shears and tree saws. This offers a low ground pressure solution to vegetation clearance. In addition, we have tractor mounted toppers, flails and hedge cutters. Our specialist forestry tractor with crane attachment is also extremely useful for the removal and disposal of vegetation, old fencing, wood piles and other debris, when paired with a dump trailer or timber forwarder.

Our excavator can also be fitted with a tree saw attachment which is capable of cutting up to 500mm timber. This is especially suited to field margin clearance and river bank work.


We have a range of equipment to undertake a multitude of flailing and topping services. We have the capability for topping in width restricted areas with compact tractors to flailing with a reverse steer and crawler gear box equipped high specification forestry tractor for steep sites with thicker vegetation. We have walk behind Scag flail mowers for sites with restricted access and/or challenging topography that isn’t suitable for vehicle operations. In our fleet we also have an offset flail mower which can be used for ditch and verge mowing as well as vegetation clearance. When paired with a front mounted flail mower we can cover a large area efficiently.


We have a range of hand mounted strimming equipment at our disposal. With our trained, certified operators we can undertake a variety of vegetation management activities. From strimming and clearing ditches and banks to carefully maintaining public accessibility in woodland & wildlife areas. We also work for land owners, contractors and developers in clearing access points for site egress as well as clearing vegetation on the land itself. We can strategically schedule works to be done when needed and work to stringent safety measures throughout.


We have an excavator mounted mulching unit enabling us to provide a site mulching service. The mulcher unit can be used for clearing thicker, more established vegetation, including self-seeded trees and overgrown hedgerows. We have recently used this machine on a downland restoration project for a private customer, which involved Natural England and Kent Wildlife Trust consultation and advice. We cleared unmanaged scrub on downland banks to assist with restoring the chalk downland grassland meadows which have historically been home to wildflowers and orchids.

Hedge Cutting:

We operate a Spearhead Twiga hedge cutter which can be used for trimming hedges or for grass cutting on verges using a flail head which leaves a neat and tidy cut and mulches the residual cuttings back into the hedge or sward. This machine is great at cutting back site boundary hedges, branches, verges, banked areas and vegetation. The machine has the capability of being able to change the flail head for a rotary blade head or saw blade for cutting larger and thicker hedge growth/vegetation or for trimming back trees. Our Spearhead machine is equipped with a telescopic arm which allows for cutting up to 7.2m.

Tree saw:

We have a tree saw attachment mounted to an excavator that is able to assist with site clearance works. Mounted on a 13-tonne excavator our tree saw offers low ground pressure, high rise, controlled tree management with the capability to cut up to 500mm timber. This is especially suited to field margin clearance, site boundary management and riverbank work.

Cut and Collect:

We can undertake cut and collect work using our range of machinery. For smaller jobs we have a tractor mounted cut and collect machine, this cuts the ground and the clippings are held in a tank on the machine. Once full, the tank of clippings can be tipped and heaped up where required. For larger cut and collect jobs we can cut the area using tractor mounted mowers and collect the cuttings using our trailed forage wagon.

The cut and collect approach:

  • Gradually reduces the number of cuts required
  • Enables more traditional grass and wildflower species to establish
  • Increases biodiversity
  • Provides a food source for our pollinators

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