We can undertake Fertiliser, Avadex and Seed application using specialist applicator machinery.

Fertiliser Spreading

We can supply and apply solid, liquid and compound fertilisers upon request, including all soil testing services to enable a balanced application of fertiliser to the land to optimize crop growth. Liquid fertiliser is applied through our Mazzotti self-propelled sprayer with bowser back up if required. Solid fertilisers are applied with our Kubota DSX-W Twin Disc Spreader which has weigh cells and auto calibration for accurate application, which, combined with the tractors on board GPS system will enable the application of fertilisers on a variable rate basis. Our trailed Bredal K105 Spreader can be used for the application of base fertilisers as well as lime, fibrophos and other granular products. GPS guidance can be used for all of these operations. Fertiliser can also be applied using our Horstine Cascade Avadex applicator.


24 metre spraying is carried out with our Mazzotti self-propelled crop sprayer, equipped with GPS guidance for accurate application of all herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Paddock spraying and other small areas are completed using an ATV Quad Bike and a 3 metre mounted sprayer or hand lance, for spot treatment. All machines are fully NSTS tested and certified with trained and experienced operators who are NRoSO Registered

Avadex Application

For the treatment of herbicide resistant black-grass and sterile brome, FGS Agri have a Horstine spreader. We operate a mounted 24 metre Horstine Cascade granular applicator, specifically for the application of Avadex granules, granular fertiliser, small seeds and slug pellets. With the liquid formulation of Tri-allate proving to less effective than granules, and black-grass and sterile brome continuing to be an issue in many crops, we are continuing to promote the application of the granular formulation of Avadex.

The machine operates using RTK Greenstar GPS and is operated by one of our PA4G trained operators with the machine on low ground pressure tyres.

John Deere tractor fertiliser spreading
Mazzotti self-propelled sprayer
Horstine Avadex spreader on back of tractor

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