Working with Habitat Regeneration one of our sister companies we recently undertook works in order to fulfil pre-commencement conditions that needed to be discharged as part of a large renewable energy project, we recently completed 850 acres of drilling to establish 650 acres of legume-rich sward, 90 acres of arable reversion mix, and approximately 110 acres of wildflower mix.

We were flailing tall rape stubble and established weeds, cultivating to encourage weed and crop volunteers, subsoiling rutted tramlines, applying herbicide, cross drilling, and rolling were all part of the project.
After that, we applied slug pellets to deal with the large slug populations brought on by the mild and wet autumn weather. We made sure to keep a minimum 15-meter buffer from all of the site’s drainage ditches and ecological features.

This scheme had the added challenge of working around other contractors, trial piling works and ecological constraints.

We love these projects because we ensure that clear work schedules are provided, communications are maintained, and detailed RAMS are prepared to guarantee the scheme’s safe and high-quality delivery.

Pre-commencement works